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Pathways for excellence in representative school sport​
Inspiring world-class opportunities for sporting success, engagement and wellbeing.

Governance model​

Queensland Representative School Sport facilitates competitive pathways in 21 sports for students between the ages of 10–19 years. Students enrolled in affiliated schools across all sectors of education have the opportunity to compete at school, district, regional, state and national levels of competition. The Department of Education facilitates these events and school leaders and teachers plan and lead the different levels of competition across the state. 

The representative school sport program is administered through decision-making entities across the Department of Education (DoE) and educational regions in Queensland. 

The Queensland Representative Sch​ool​​​​ Sport governance model was collaboratively developed and implemented in 2021. The governance model ensures the department can effectively manage, control and lead the strategic direction of representative school sport across the state. 

Queensland Re​presentative School Sport – Boa​rd  

The QRSS-Board is the governing body that leads the strategic development and administration of the Queensland Representative School Sport (QRSS) program. The Board endorses, approves and directs all activities of Queensland Representative School Sport Committees.

Queensland Representative School Sport – Sport Executives  

The QRSS-Sport Executive provide, foster and develop sport within state schools, non-state schools and other educational institutions affiliated with QRSS. The Sport Executives exercise the general control and management of operational matters for each sport that form part of the QRSS program. Each Sport Executive ensures inclusive and equitable opportunities and pathways that are accessible for all students at all levels of representative sport.

Australian​​​ Football​
Adam Shield​ (Chair)​​​​​
Ben Lloyd​
Kristen Knig​ht
Tim Deffner​​​​
Carynne Robinson

Kath Wenban (Chair)
James Somerville
Michael Bozhoff​
Kristen Jansen

Stephen Buttsworth (Chair)
Dave Chettle
Debra​​ Gillespie
Shane Nelson​
Merril Lloyd

Gerard Flegler (Chair)
Grant Ebbers
Simon Gills
Vicki Aley

​​Cross Country
Steve Kanowski (Chair)
Michael Herman
Tanya Bambling
Larissa Hill
Michael Small

Kylie Sheehan (Chair)
Amy Armistead
Megan Slean
Kristen Jansen

Chris Lees (Chair)
Cameron Lynch
Jess Jenkins
Tony Robertson
Vicki Aley

Craig Martin (Chair)
Dale Beecher
Deborah Hinton
Melanie Craig
Steven Murray

Helen Maudsley (Chair)
Carmel D'Arcy
Julianne Grant
Meg Englart
Carynne Robinson

Rugby League
Scott Whybird (Chair)
Daniel Harrison
David Ackers
Nicholas Kapitz
Carynne Robinson

Rugby Union
Clint Curran (Chair)
Andrew Rye
Rob Enright
Sarah Ridgewell
Kristen Jansen
Megan Slean (Chair)
Matthew Harrison
Merril Lloyd
Sonia Perrot
Merril Lloyd

Cameron Lynch (Chair)
Kim Di Bella
Rhonda Hite
Ron Weatherby
Vicki Aley

Paul Fitzgerald (Chair)
Jason Croft
Kurt Barrow
Kylie Bilsen
​​Steven Murray

Jemma McClafferty (Chair)
Joel White
Julie Ellis
Philippa Garlick
Carynne Robinson
Megan Slea​​n (Chair)
Karyl Young
Meg Lyons
Richard Haines
Merril Lloyd

Touch Football
Jason Boyd (Chair)
Cathy Farrelly
Linda Ashburn
Phil Gyemore
Vicki Aley

Track and Field
Stuart Maish (Chair)
Amelia Sutton
Linda Ashburn
Sarah Goddard
​Michael Small

​Triathlon and Aquathlon
Michael S​mall (Chair)
Brian Harrington
Bronwyn Henschell
Steve Kanowski

Terry Rudder (Chair)
Domnic Aguiar
Jett Nickson
Tammy Collins
Kristen Jansen

Water Polo
Jamie Smyth (Chair)
Sarah Hemmings
Peter Hornung
Steven Murray

The Queensland Representative School Sport Review​​ identifies areas of existing strength and improvement opportunities to ensure accountable, transparent and robust business functions and governance structures across the representative school sport program.

The review aimed to:

  • affirm the value of and commitment to school sport
  • deliver a clear policy framework and contemporary operating model
  • create a clear governance structure
  • ​strengthen consistency with existing policy, practices and processes
  • improve transparent and accountable processes and practices
  • define the future objectives and outcomes for school sport.

Implementation Plan 2021–2023​

The Queensland Representative School Sport Review Implementation Plan 2021–2023​​ identifies the prioritised actions to improve and further develop a world-class, inclusive program that encourages and supports students, staff and community volunteers to engage and excel in representative school sport.

​Terms of Reference

​​The Queensland Representative School Sport (QRSS) committees are the governing bodies that lead the Queensland Representative School Sport program. The Terms of Reference clearly outline the roles and responsibilities and committee membership at all levels of representative school sport governance.

​​​​Terms of Reference - Queensland Representative School Sport - Sport Executives (QRSS-SE)​

​​​​​​​​​Terms of Reference - Queensland Representative School Sport - Regional Committees (QRSS-RC)
Implementation Working Group

The Queensland Representative School Sport Implementation Working Group provides advice and leads the implementation of the Queensland Representative School Sport Review recommendations at different levels of Queensland Representative School Sport governance.​

Last updated 02 July 2024