Student officials programs


​​Queensland Representative School Sport (QRSS) offers students in Queensland an opportunity to participate in all facets of the representative school sport pathway and actively promotes the development of students in all areas of sport.

Student official opportunities include:

  • referee/umpire roles
  • key official roles
  • Student Advisory Committee membership.

Student Advisory Committee

Students who aspire to be leaders in sport have an opportunity to be a student member of the QRSS Student Advisory Committee, giving students a voice in matters within the representative sport pathway. They will work with the QRSS sport officers and sport executives within their chosen sport to:

  • offer insight and student perspective
  • develop skills to lead, communicate and collaborate regarding the organisation and management of sport.

Apply to be a student member via the survey​.

Student Key Official program

An opportunity for students to engage in key official roles at state and national championships, implementing skills and knowledge from the classroom to real world contexts. Key official roles are offered when Queensland is hosting national championships and schools provide volunteers, including:

  • assistant roles for state teams including coaching opportunities
  • assistant convening/tournament hosting roles for state and national championships.

When applying for these positions, your application will be considered across all levels of QRSS to support teams attending national championships. You will be required to provide your own transport and accommodation, as well as principal approval.

Apply for the program via the survey​.

Student Referee/Umpire program

Students have an opportunity to participate in the program at all state and national championships. Students will require certain levels of qualifications in order to be considered. Subsidies may be available for students to assist with transport and accommodation, however, own transport and accommodation will be required, along with principal approval to attend.

Students are invited to register their interest for the 10–19 years state championships program. Information will be collated from the survey and parents will be contacted to seek appropriate approvals to attend state and national championships. For some championships, referee/umpires are outsourced from sporting organisations.

To referee/umpire at the national championships, students are selected from the state championships (only 2 students are selected to attend the national championships).

Dates: 29 August to 1 September
Location: State Netball Centre, Nathan
Dates: 13–16 September
Location: Rockhampton Hockey Association
Dates: 8–11 October
Location: Redcliffe Leagues Softball
Dates: 22–25 October
Location: St Mary's College & Glennie School, Toowoomba
Dates: 25–28 October
Location: Townsville Basketball Stadium
Dates: 10–13 September
Location: Kelvin Grove State College
Dates: 13–16 September
Location: Townsville Hockey Association
Dates: 8–11 October
Location: Kelvin Grove State College
Dates: 22–25 October
Location: Ipswich Hockey
Dates: 29 October to 1 November
Location: Cararra Sports and Leisure Centre
Last updated 16 February 2023